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  • June 5, 2019

WealthEngine Launches WE9 Predictive Prospecting Platform

WealthEngine today launched WealthEngine 9 (WE9), its predictive prospecting platform, WealthEngine 9 (WE9), providing wealth affinity scoring based on propensity, capacity and intent.

"Segmenting who you precisely want to go after is a difficult problem today," said WealthEngine CEO PV Boccasam in a statement. "You can't personalize or prioritize your message if you don't intimately know your audience. Everyone else is focusing on what a person has while we have created a platform based on signals that reveal the whym which we call Engagement Science."

WE9 offers a cloud-native architecture and can consume trillions of points of data to create more than 250 million pre-scored profiles. It enables real-time, compliant wealth screening within any CRM or donor management systems of record.

With this release, WealthEngine is also revising pricing to a flexible, credit-based model. Annual subscription clients will have access to the entire platform, with continuously refreshed data sets and all of the applications that were previously sold separately, such as Analyze, Modeling, Prospect, APIs and Connectors."

"Our models now enable us to identify a person's propensity to donate or spend," Boccasam said. "Interlinked with our customers' data, WE9 has richer knowledge about their target audiences, so we can reveal their motivations. As a result of personalized engagement, our customers have seen increased lifetime value, improved campaign effectiveness and lowered cost of acquisition."

As a predictive prospecting platform, WE9 enables its customers to do the following:

  • Search, tag, filter and favorite people as a way of keeping track of and prioritizing ideal donors and buyers. Through seamless access to more than 180 million US-based households and 250 million adults each with thousands of enriched attributes, discover the potential of ideal donors and buyers.
  • Get granular with target audiences by digging deep into relevant wealth and crucial lifestyle signals that provide insight into what motivates prospects to engage. By proactively nurturing prospects and existing donors and customers, insights are activated through personalized campaigns.
  • Prioritize top targets and uncover the next best donors and buyers, with automated models to find new prospects who share similar wealth and lifestyle signals. Take control of multichannel campaigns, predict who is most likely to engage next, and prioritize resources accordingly.
  • Activate audiences;with more than 1,800 wealth and lifestyle signals to reveal what motivates ideal prospects to take action or existing donors to give more.

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