• May 27, 2019

CRM Evolution Video: How AI Is Becoming More Human

Studio Overmorgen author Jarno Duursma discusses the humanization of AI and its impact on customer interactions in this clip from his opening keynote at CRM evolution 2019.

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Watch Jaarno Duursma's complete keynote, Algorithms in, Humans Out.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Insights that we even couldn't think of are detected by smart machines. The second wave is humanizing AI, where human capabilities are being taken over or matching those of artificial intelligent systems. So the line between human skills and that of AI are becoming thinner. This is all, once again, narrow domain. You now have systems that can listen, systems that can talk, systems that can produce speech, reading, seeing, etc.

First, let's have a look at language. There is a company called Digital Genius. I was there a year and a half ago. It's like customer support set on autopilot. It started as a recommendation engine. Customer employees were chatting with customers, and the system made the recommendations for the right answers.

The Dutch airline KLM is using this, and it is now automated. The system does some suggestions, and the employee picks the right answer, and this way the machine learns.

Now some of the chats are automated by algorithmic machines. This is very necessary, because the scale is growing enormously, of questions online through social media, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

An AI system, when we look at language, even detected false police statements. The system, VeriPol, detected that people who give false statements talk a lot about the products that have been stolen. People who speak the truth and give a good statement talk a lot about details, and the experience. An AI system detected the difference and gave us some insight, purely based on language analytics. 

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