Genesys’ PureCloud Boosts Company Nurse Service: A CRM Service Elite Customer Case Study

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Among the services it offers, Company Nurse provides full around-the-clock registered nurse triage, a proprietary medical response platform, a validated and verified database of healthcare providers, and immediate reporting for more than 60,000 client locations. Its clients include school systems, local governments, hospitality companies, quick-service restaurants, and others.

If someone at one of the contracted companies gets hurt at work, he can contact Company Nurse, which is based in Scottsdale, Ariz., for treatment recommendations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The first thing we do is to put a compassionate person on the line, which lets someone know they have a place to call when something goes wrong,” says Henry Svendblad, Company Nurse’s chief technology officer. “We capture all of the details of the injury, then transfer the call to one of our nurses.”

The nurse then determines the severity of the injury and what kind of treatment is necessary.


Company Nurse has provided this service via telephone since its founding in 1997, but the younger people moving into the workforce prefer to communicate with different channels, including web chat, text messaging, and social media. So in mid-2017, Company Nurse started looking for a company that could provide contact center communications across a variety of channels.

The company also wanted a cloud-based solution and ultimately chose the Genesys PureCloud platform, an all-in-one cloud-based customer engagement and employee collaboration solution. It signed the contact with Genesys at the beginning of 2018.

Though the deployment of PureCloud was simple and efficient, it took until the spring of 2018 to roll it out due to the complexity of moving from the legacy system, according to Svendblad.


PureCloud integrated seamlessly with Company Nurse’s existing triage system, easing the support burden on its IT team and increasing agent productivity right away.

But that wasn’t the only benefit Company Nurse has seen. “PureCloud has enabled us to handle a 20 percent increase in call volume with the same number of staff, leading to record revenue growth,” Svendblad says.

PureCloud’s real-time analytics allow Company Nurse to actively monitor the more than 500 interactions it handles every day and then tweak settings so that agents can capture a larger percentage of calls without a drop in service quality, Svendblad points out. Additionally, PureCloud Workforce Management uses real-time adherence, intraday monitoring, built-in forecasting, and automated scheduling to allocate staff efficiently and lower costs.

“Now that all of our contact center communication tools are in a single application, with the click of a button, an agent can match an injured worker with a registered nurse in the employer’s state,” Svendblad adds. “Costs have been reduced significantly by innovative features such as the call-back function, which decreases the number of calls handled by our third-party overflow partner and drives savings of an estimated $50,000 per year.” He estimates about 20 calls per day use that feature.

Beyond the cost savings, the company’s clients benefit because Company Nurse agents typically provide higher-quality customer care and the company has better oversight of customer interactions, Svendblad says.

He also credits PureCloud with improving the performance of the company’s contact center agents.

PureCloud includes real-time key performance indicators, enabling the company and its agents to monitor performance to improve it. “This has really raised the bar for performance,” Svendblad says. For example, the company’s agent scorecard considers both quality of the call (60 percent) and the call handling time (40 percent). Call handling times decreased 15 percent—without any loss in quality—within a couple of months of adopting the PureCloud KPIs.

PureCloud also works with some popular artificial intelligence bots, including Genesys’s Kate, Amazon’sLex, and Google Duplex. Svendblad is looking to use those bots to automatically handle the simplest calls with an eye to driving down the average number of calls per injury from the current 1.2. 

Real Results

  • Company Nurse saw a 20 percent increase in call volume without adding staff, leading to record revenue growth.
  • The decreased number of calls to third-party overflow partners has saved $50,000 per year.
  • Call handling time has decreased by 15 percent.

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