• March 18, 2019

New Engen Launches Self-Service Platform for Facebook, Instagram, and Search Engine Marketing

New Engen has launched a self-service product fo Facebook, Instagram, and search engine marketing (SEM) to help marketers manage thousands of campaigns and millions of keywords and ads from one centralized platform.

The New Engen platform helps marketers target customers at the most granular level, generating a massive number of keywords and ads and optimizing them precisely to efficiency targets. It also allows users to define and optimize to their own conversion events, allocating spend where it will have the greatest impact.

"Google's and Facebook's technologies and other tech solutions do not allow for this level of granularity and scale. The New Engen platform gives marketers more control over their campaigns and decisions, and the easy-to-manage interface enables constant testing and quick exploration. It's digital marketing at scale," said Dave Atchison, CEO of New Engen, in a statement. "Our platform empowers marketers to take more control to drive real, measurable results well beyond what one person or a full team could do alone, saving time and money and elevating their focus from the mundane to the brilliant."

The New Engen platform lets marketers bid, budget, and make adjustments at any time and learns from the results. Its core feature set includes the following:

  • Bulk Campaign Creation + Campaign Explorer: Through a single screen, marketers can create, search, and filter through campaigns, ad groups, audiences, creative, and keywords, and take action to adjust bids and ensure air-tight campaigns with structural keyword negatives and device/match type segmentation.
  • Scaled Keyword Generation + Management: The ability to build and manage up to millions of keywords in minutes allows marketers to maximize customer reach and revenue. Automated keyword negation technology also identifies poor-performing word strings within search terms for new and existing campaigns.
  • Winning Bidding Tech: With user-defined rules to optimize bids and budgets. Users can adjust targets at any time or set their own rules.
  • Targeted Ad Copy and Landing Pages: Create a large volume of targeted ads that drive traffic to specific landing pages. 
  • Customized Conversion Optimization: Optimize to any conversion event, including third-party attribution sources, internal data warehouses, and pixels. Users define specific conversions.
  • Data-Driven Creative Insights: Create custom and user-defined tags for images, copy, video, audience campaigns, and landing pages. Automated notifications detect when an ad is fatiguing. Models available with the platform include a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Copy Recommender, Creative Similarity Model, and an auto-tagging system that helps marketers understand what types of copy, which ads in their library, and which elements of a creative are driving performance.
  • Real-Time KPI and Trends Data: New Engen provides real-time, actionable data needed for rapid and iterative testing. All analytics are embedded in the platform. Smart account notifications, like runaway campaign spend and budget constraint notices, alert marketers when action is required.

The New Engen platform offers additional features and resources for marketers to manage ad campaigns, from improved cloning, conversion trackers, and intra-day management, to New Engen's Audience Recommender, which suggests new audiences with high odds of succeeding for individual businesses, among many others. New Engen is also planning to release self-service platforms for Amazon, Pinterest, Shopping, and Snap this year.

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