• March 14, 2019

LiveIntent to Launch Onboarding Service

LiveIntent, providers of a marketing platform powered by the email address, next month will begin offering an onboarding service that gives companies customized segments and better control over their own first-party data.

Clients will be able to use the service to onboard advertiser segments directly to their first-party identifiers. LiveIntent's onboarding service will follow a pay-as-you-go model with no upfront costs.

All data from customers who do not opt in to onboarding will remain siloed.

LiveIntent's onboarding will be powered by identity graph, built through direct relationships with companies that execute people-based marketing with LiveIntent. Because of LiveIntent's direct relationships with customers who leverage email-powered people-based marketing, the graph also organizes the first-party data of its customers.

"Onboarding is a tremendous opportunity for us both to deliver more money to our customers and to drive up their enterprise values by enhancing their ability to benefit from their first-party data," said LiveIntent's founder and CEO, Matt Keiser, in a statement. "Brands and publishers that truly engage with their customers sit at the wellspring of the data that's powering the future of digital marketing, particularly as the cookie loses its prominence. For years we've watched many of the best brands in the world use compelling email content to drive consumers to raise their hand and ask for a deeper relationship. Our new service democratizes onboarding and returns control back to the wellspring's producers, giving premium brands and publishers the best opportunity to compete in a changing digital world. Our solution will make more digital inventory addressable, driving up the value of that inventory, and increasing the effectiveness of customer outreach."

"Our preliminary conversations have shown the ecosystem is wildly receptive to our new onboarding option," said Brian Silver, LiveIntent's new president of identity, in a statement. "Platforms that service the buy-side or sell-side of the ecosystem, or those that help their clients manage data, including agencies, all want their customers to have flexibility and control of their data. Brands, publishers, and data providers all understand it's in the ecosystem’s interest and in consumers' interest for there to be a flight to quality. We all want brands and publishers to be more empowered to manage consumer choices and the delivery of great experiences for their customers."

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