• March 5, 2019

Reactful and 6sense Forge Marketing Solution Partnership

Reactful, a web personalization technology company powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and 6sense, providers of an account-based orchestration platform powered by AI, have formalized a technology partnership. The integration of Reactful's automated AI and ML capabilities with 6sense's ability to uncover anonymous buying behavior and deliver dynamic account segments allows marketers to target and personalize web visitors' experiences in real time.

Reactful provides website visitors with an immersive end-to-end experience by using real-time communication with them via reactions, notifications, and personalized messaging. Ultimately, this drives substantial conversion uplift. With 6sense, marketers can now ensure their website adapts to each visitor’s exhibited intent while also delivering a personalized concierge web experience based on the knowledge of the entire account.

"With 6sense's powerful data, Reactful AI is supercharging website personalization to drive overall engagement and conversion," said Leifur Thordarson, Reactful's president and CEO, in a statement. "Through this partnership, organizations can truly engage their customers and achieve the results they desire without additional development or resources required."

"Reactful AI personalization and 6sense Account Based Orchestration creates the ultimate personalized ABM solution across the entire funnel," said Amar Doshi, vice president of product at 6sense, in a statement. "Together we're offering a revolutionary end-to-end approach to AI-driven marketing that allows users to not only deliver a personalized experience dependent on a single user's website interactions, but one focused on the entire buying committee's intent before an individual from the account even gets to your website."

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