• February 26, 2019

Conduent Launches 5 Technology Platforms for Digital Interactions

Conduent, a digital interactions company, is launching five enterprise platforms to drive modern digital interactions.

The solutions are cloud-based enterprise technologies powered by Microsoft Azure and integrating Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), Azure Blockchain Workbench, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Machine Learning service (AzureML) throughout its client portfolio.

The suite of platforms helps Conduent and its clients configure solutions with common modules and drag-and-drop capabilities.

The new suite of platforms include the following:

  1. Dara, Conduent's AI Conversation Platform, a virtual agent platform that helps customers complete routine tasks through voice, webchat, SMS, and other digital interaction methods. Cognitive, artificial intelligence, and machine learning help Dara have conversations. If Dara doesn't have the answer, she automatically routes the customer to a human agent. She continuously learns to improve the quality of customer service answers over time. Dara works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other voice channels.
  2. Conduent Analytics Platform, supporting intelligence and analytics capabilities by harnessing structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and extracting and integrating descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.
  3. Conduent Blockchain Platform, an open, modular platform designed to support industry-specific blockchain-based ecosystems. It connects multiple organizations to enable immediate, seamless, secure information sharing backed by a ledger that cannot be altered. Conduent's identity, data management, and payment solutions use blockchain's smart contracts and advanced cryptographic algorithms to reinforce security.
  4. Conduent Automation Platform, supporting the transition from simple procedural automation to more advanced cognitive automation for items that normally require thinking, decision-making, and planning. As an open, cloud-based platform, it enables digital transformation by composing workflows that streamline and automate processes. The built-in, customizable business intelligence dashboards help clients see processes in action while gaining immediate feedback on key performance indicator metrics.
  5. Conduent Mobility Platform, which will help deliver applications faster with a consistent look and feel, pre-coded digital widgets, common mobile operating system services (i.e., location-based services), and universal gateways to interface with partner APIs across all applications. The platform will also help deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences built around user context, devices, and preferences.

"Microsoft Azure promotes our mission of elevating every interaction by automating and increasing the reliability of routine tasks," said Rahul Gupta, chief technology and product officer at Conduent, in a statement. "This strategic alignment expands Conduent's platform options to provide seamless enterprise cloud solutions running on Azure."

"Our latest collaboration with Conduent combines their intelligent digital experiences solutions with the power of Microsoft Azure," said Jean-Philippe Courtois, president and executive vice president of Microsoft global sales, marketing, and operations, in a statement. "Together with Conduent, we will deliver technology solutions using blockchain and virtual agents across their five new enterprise platforms, all run on our scalable cloud. I look forward to seeing how this relationship empowers Conduent to drive customized digital interactions for all of its clients."

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