• January 28, 2019

Impiger Introduces Bluefish.ai Chatbot Platform

Impiger Technologies, a provider of digital transformation solutions, has released the Bluefish.ai chatbot development platform to help small and mid-sized businesses address core concerns like employee engagement, recruitment, ecommerce, and frequently asked questions.

Bluefish.ai brings together technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, natural language processing, and analytics with pre-built use case driven bots (appointment scheduler, HR bot, Travel & Hotel Reservation bot, Financial Services bot). These chatbots are driven by customer context, intelligent process guidance, and actionable insights.

"We help businesses with intelligent digital solutions that automate and integrate with systems so businesses can make their services available 24/7," said Jude Ramayya, CEO of Impiger, in a statement.

BlueFish.ai includes the following features:

  • Learning: The platform compiles unhandled messages in a database for teams to craft responses and continuously optimize bots' answer capacity.
  • Emotional Analysis: Bots can latch onto keywords and punctuation and respond with appropriate cues of empathy, playfulness, and other qualities.
  • Memory Bank: Recording user inputs, bots can recall important data for faster and more relevant responses.
  • FAQs: Provide instant answers to predefined questions using a natural language framework based on intents, utterances and entities.
  • Workflows: Modules direct users through a decision-tree journey. Bots ensure their input is matched with the right outputs with closed and open boxed options.
  • Omnichannel integration, as chatbots can be linked to multiple websites, social media accounts, and apps simultaneously.
  • Plug-in-Play: Link images, videos, and audio content to engage users beyond just text.
  • Scalable Design: Multiple visitors can connect with the chatbot platform simultaneously. Companies can house many workflows with unlimited inputs and outputs.

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