• January 22, 2019

V12 Expands V12 Signals

V12, a provider of customer acquisition solutions, has expanded its V12 Signals suite of consumer purchase intender databases. V12 Signals, which currently identifies consumer purchase intent using proprietary mobile location intelligence and trigger data insights, now also now tracks behavioral intent data from more than 91 percent of internet-connected devices every month in the United States.

Category-specific databases are currently available for the retail industry, including home retail, fitness and gyms, movie theaters, and quick-service restaurants. Automotive categories include in-market car shoppers and aftermarket parts and service shoppers. V12 Signals can also be customized for other use cases.

Every month,1.5 million unique devices are tracked, 31 billion page visits are seen, and more than 5 trillion monthly keyword/visitor pairs are generated.

"In the furniture space alone, we have insights into over 60 million monthly searches for furniture and location intelligence on 400,000 people shopping in furniture stores monthly," said Andy Frawley, CEO of V12, in a statement. "When that is combined with V12's broad catalog of omnichannel data assets and consumer trigger data, such as new movers, our clients have access to truly powerful intelligence about who is shopping right now for products they sell."

V12's in-market databases include consumers who are actively browsing online for products and services, shoppers who have visited a store within the previous 24 to 48 hours, and lifestyle changes and trigger data such as new movers, new children, and economic changes Powered by the company's customer data platform, V12 Velocity, each purchase signal is linked to actual addressable people using V12's third-party databases and data integration and machine learning processes.

"Technologies to target intent are only just now beginning to gain real traction," said Anders Ekman, president of V12, in a statement. "The results that our clients are seeing from intent-based data solutions are astounding, and we're proud to be at the forefront of delivering those results"

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