• December 6, 2018

Absolutdata Launches NAVIK ResearchAI

Absolutdata, a provider of advanced analytics and data services, has launched NAVIK ResearchAI, a market research platform that brings together a variety of research methodologies, data types, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques that automate the research process. ResearchAI operates on Absolutdata's NAVIK AI Platform for sales and marketing teams.

ResearchAI's design starts with AI at the center, then methodologies and frameworks are layered around the AI core. Users ask questions in natural language and get answers in natural language, complete with a presentation-ready report.

Data, results, and insights are continuously leveraged to train self-learning algorithms so, over time, algorithms get more intelligent. The data and learnings can be harnessed across the enterprise,beyond sales and marketing into supply chain, demand forecasting, and other functions.

"The research world is going through a major transformation," said Anil Kaul, CEO and co-founder of Absolutdata, in a statement. "Instead of renting expensive external expertise in the form of pricey market research contracts, companies are renting algorithms and tailoring them to their business needs to get the insights they need more quickly. Our new products enable companies to conduct market research without bringing in consultants and waiting for reports, which makes the business more agile."

ResearchAI includes tools like Research Guru, which reads research reports, comprehends insights, and answers complex questions using natural language processing. The Brand Tracker module fully automates brand tracking, generating questionnaires and targeting groups to deliver periodic reports on brand health and identify emerging trends. Other modules include NAVIK SegmentationAI, NAVIK PriceAI, and NAVIK ConceptAI.

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