• November 16, 2018

Behavox Launches Behavox Voice

Behavox, an artificial intelligence data analytics firm, has launched Behavox Voice, a suite of capabilities that enables organizations to process and analyze voice recordings.

"At Behavox, we are on a mission to unlock the power of internal data to help companies in the financial services industry understand what's really happening at the deepest levels of their organization," said Sam Jacobs, Behavox's chief revenue officer, in a statement. "We are constantly improving our platform, driven by artificial intelligence. Behavox Voice was developed by our engineers and data scientists who tirelessly work to push the boundaries of machine learning and AI."

Behavox Voice uses machine-learning powered acoustic voice analysis and is fully integrated into the Behavox platform. The new features include the following:

  • Standard voice-to-text transcription;
  • Robust key word spotting;
  • Paralinguistics, which detects acoustic cues such as laughter, whispering, raised tones of voice, and other indications beyond simply the words themselves; and
  • Biometrics, which can identify any individual's voice after just five minutes of a recording.

Behavox is also actively working on multilingual functionality, with an initial focus on English, Spanish, and Japanese.

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