• October 30, 2018

X2Engine Releases X2CRM Enterprise Version 7.0

X2Engine today launched its latest edition, X2CRM Enterprise 7.0.

"The 7.0 release takes the X2 Marketing Automation layer to a new level that represents the most sophisticated enterprise platform available. The Marketing Automation powers all modules and functionality within the X2CRM Enterprise. It focuses on customer engagement through better segmentation by leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities and manages the customer acquisition and interaction process through workflow automation, identifying and responding to customer behavior changes throughout the customer journey," said David Buchanan, CEO of X2Engine, in a statement.

While the open-source version was released mid-October, the Enterprise edition unveils advanced features that identify the status of the customer relationship and designate the appropriate communication path

The Enterprise 7.0 release expands functionality, segmentation, communication management, and reporting, helps users design processes and communication paths and manage specific communication permissions, and provides advanced campaign reporting.

Other Enterprise 7.0 release updates include the following:

  • Mass Email Delivery Advancement—Messages can be customized according to user profile and behavior, then thousands of emails can be delivered within an hour.
  • Complex (Activity-Triggered) List Management and Listability—Several list types can be created within X2CRM, including call lists and mailing lists. Lists can be classified as build, save, and edit based on leads, opportunities, accounts, and contact behavior or statuses, according to X2Process stage and associated activities.
  • Automated A/B Testing—Email campaigns can be tested against each other based on campaign performance, and, once the higher-performing campaign is identified, it can auto-send to the remaining recipients.
  • Multiple Campaign Management—Schedule email campaigns for any module, using designated templates or trigger campaigns after contacts' process activity completion. Multiple Campaign Management allows any department to design and execute email while sharing contacts' responses and engagement among departments.
  • Reporting—Several aspects within X2CRM Enterprise have upgraded reports, including campaign management reports, subscription reports, workflow activity counts, administrative dashboard with CPU, memory, and disk usage.
  • Advanced Subscription Management—X2CRM permits users and customers to control their subscription and list inclusion at a granular level with multi-suppression list support for multiple levels of unsubscribe/privacy policy compliance.

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