• August 23, 2018

SalesFuel Launches SalesFuel Coach

SalesFuel has launched SalesFuel Coach, an adaptive sales coaching platform that combines adaptive learning and microlearning to sales coaching.

SalesFuel Coach creates Coaching Playbooks for each rep, personalized to his unique needs, and 5-Minute QuickCoaching, wich prescribes coaching in quick, focused bursts to boost retention and save time. Managers will be given guidance of who to coach, what type of coaching is needed, and how to do it.

SalesFuel Coach offers the following features:

  • Scientific assessments that reveal the hidden secrets and skill gaps that keep reps from getting to the next level;.
  • A personalized coaching playbook for every rep for improving sales skills, people skills, motivation, engagement, and team contribution. Managers are alerted to problem areas before they impact sales metrics;
  • 5-Minute QuickCoaching through short videos, articles, and audio snippets from leading sales experts, with follow-up questions to encourage learning and retention; and
  • Targeted leadership articles and podcasts from experts based on SalesFuel's exclusive Sales CultureCheck, a bottom-up analysis of 50 sales culture and management metrics.

"If sales managers don't have time to coach their reps, how will they find time to replace them?" C. Lee Smith, SalesFuel's CEO, said in a statement. "SalesFuel Coach overcomes the number one obstacle to effective sales coaching, as reported in 2018 ATD study – time constraints and scheduling conflicts – while keeping new sales talent from becoming frustrated by lack of desired feedback and development opportunities."

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