• July 12, 2018

Janrain Partners with Akamai to Protect Customer Identities

Janrain, a provider of customer identity and access management (CIAM) technology, and Akamai Technologies, providers of a cloud delivery platform, have partnered to offer Janrain Secure Edge, bringing new integrated security capabilities to the Janrain Identity Cloud.

Through this partnership, joint customers gain a level of protection against both network-based and identity-based threats, leveraging and combining the capabilities of the Akamai Intelligent Platform, which consists of more than 200,000 servers in more than 3,500 locations across 1,600 networks in 131 countries, and the Janrain Identity Cloud, an identity network reaching more than 1.75 billion digital identities in more than 3,400 commercial deployments worldwide.

Janrain Secure Edge is an always-on multi-component protection layer, which is now an integral part of the Janrain Identity Cloud. It combines risk-adaptive protection from the Akamai Intelligent Platform to safeguard against the latest digital attacks with the identity-based security measures of the Janrain Identity Cloud, including risk-based adaptive authentication powered by automated fraud detection that safeguards against malicious account activities, including fraudulent account creation and credential compromise.

Because Akamai applies protections at the edge of the internet, they can detect and help fend off malicious activities and bad actors before they even reach the actual systems of companies using the Janrain Identity Cloud.

"Customer identities are crucial assets to companies, but especially to the individuals who they represent. As individuals engage with digital businesses across more areas of their lives, sensitive personal data ends up in their profile data," said Josh Shaul, vice president of web security at Akamai, in a statement. "The Akamai Intelligent Platform provides a unique level of protection to Janrain's clients, shielding them and their customers from an increasingly diverse and fast-changing range of threats and attacks that are trying to steal that valuable customer data."

"The combination of the leading network protection technology from Akamai with Janrain's focus and innovation in authentication and authorization for each individual consumer (and thing) identity allows us to secure our clients from malicious activity at the edge in a way that is unique for every user," said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Janrain, in a statement. "As the leader in identity security, it was a natural step for us to collaborate with Akamai, the largest and most respected distributed platform operating at the edge of the Internet."

As part of Janrain Secure Edge, both companies will work together to further extend security capabilities with an advanced use of data and analytics.

"Most companies talking about AI reach a level of automation with machine learning technology but miss the mark on self-learning that artificial intelligence promises," Kaskade said. "Akamai and Janrain combined effectively have over one-third of the global internet traffic to learn from, model, and automate to provide the leading identity security solution for our clients."

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