• June 21, 2018

Shopify Launches Ping Mobile App

Shopify today launched Shopify Ping, a free mobile app that brings business conversations and tasks within one interface. With Shopify Ping, merchants will be able to manage their tasks through messaging on their mobile phones.

Shopify Ping is a free iOS app available to Shopify merchants in the App Store. It consolidates messages from other apps used to interact with customers through social media, a merchant's online storefront, email, and more in one single interface. In addition, it comes built-in with Shopify's free virtual assistant, Kit, which helps merchants plan, create and manage marketing activities through a conversational interface. With these integrations, Shopify Ping will support actions like running Facebook and Instagram ads, email campaigns and retargeting campaigns, as well as quicker customer conversations.

"Shopify merchants are conducting many business conversations across multiple apps every day, not only to run their day-to-day operations, but also to manage customer inquiries. Shopify Ping was created to make all of this easier to manage," said Michael Perry, director of product at Shopify, in a statement. "It's a one-stop messaging app that lets them spend more time on what matters most: running their businesses seamlessly and deepening customer relationships."

At launch, integration partners include Facebook Messenger, Rep.ai, and Chatkit.

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