• June 14, 2018

WeQ Launches WeQ Boost

WeQ, a mobile ad tech organization, has launched WeQ Boost, an app ranking solution that uses proprietary technology for campaign management and optimization. Additionally, it combines more than 100 boost traffic sources with a deep knowledge and understanding of app store algorithms to create burst campaigns specifically designed to catapult apps to higher app store rankings.

"WeQ Boost is designed to empower advertisers to cut through the noise in the ever-changing ecosystem of the app stores. Launching this new solution adds another powerful element to our portfolio that enables us to create the perfect mobile marketing mix for our clients," said Stanislava Todorova, vice president of new media solutions at WeQ, in a statement. "At WeQ, we believe that the ultimate marketing strategy should be a combination of bursts and sustainable user acquisition campaigns to address different needs throughout the lifecycle of an app."

WeQ combines its technology with a team of more than 100 seasoned mobile marketing professionals to develop a personalized strategy for each client based on industry intelligence, local knowledge, and experience from more than 2,000 successful burst campaigns. WeQ's team also carries out traffic checks to prevent fraudulent activity using in-house anti-fraud technology.

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