• May 14, 2018

SAP Launches Customer Data Cloud

SAP today released SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions from Gigya. It includes the SAP Customer Identity, SAP Customer Consent, and SAP Customer Profile solutions.

"Companies are using a lot of different methods and corresponding third-party data to infer what a customer wants, often resulting in a creepy personal customer experience," said Alex Atzberger, president of SAP Customer Experience, in a statement. "SAP Customer Data Cloud will provide marketers the opportunity to ask about customers' preferences. If customers know what personal data is being used and they have control over its use, they will be more inclined to allow that data to be used for delivering personalized content and services, ultimately improving their experience."

SAP Customer Data Cloud helps businesses address regional consumer privacy laws, including the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, by centrally capturing, managing, and synchronizing preferences and consent in accordance to regulations across the digital SAP technology stack throughout the customer lifecycle.

"Trust is the ultimate currency in today's digital economy, and GDPR validates this notion," said Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya, which was acquired by SAP in September. "To successfully connect with the customer, organizations need to identify and engage consumers across channels and know them better in a way that’s respectful of their privacy. Businesses now have the opportunity to turn compliance into a competitive advantage."

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