• February 27, 2018

Allocadia and Bizable Partner

Marketing technology providers Bizible and Allocadia are partnering up on a joint offering that combines the companies' platforms to help marketers determine where to invest their dollars for optimal impact and revenue performance.

This partnership allows marketers to capitalize on key capabilities of Allocadia and Bizible to maintain tighter control over spend and deliver return on investment insights.  The combined solution ties investment data with revenue data to quantify the ROI of every sales and marketing channel, campaign, and program, including paid media, content marketing, sales activities, and field marketing.

"Marketing today relies upon the right set of actionable insights to make better decisions than the competition," said Brewster Stanislaw, vice president of product and strategy at Bizible, in a statement. "Our customers have long benefited from Bizible's ability to provide clarity across all marketing channels, whether offline or online, to maximize revenue and accelerate growth. We're excited to work with the Allocadia team in a shared vision to help marketers optimize their  revenue impact."

"Over the past seven years we have seen marketers across the world embrace marketing performance management and run marketing more like a business. Partnering with Bizible is a significant milestone in this journey to help marketers spend every dollar with confidence," said Katherine Berry, co-founder and chief product officer at Allocadia, in a statement. "Regardless of the exact ROI approach you take, it's essential to have an accurate view of both the R and the I. Bizible and Allocadia speak the same language and share the same vision."

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