• January 24, 2018

Thyng Launches ThyngIt Augmented Reality Creation Suite

Thyng today launched ThyngIt, an augmented reality (AR) development platform that allows businesses to bring their content, including 3D objects, photos, and videos, into augmented reality, make that content interactive, and then share it with the world.

ThyngIt creates a platform where businesses can enter the world of AR using the Thyng app to experience, distribute, and promote their 3D and 2D content within an unlimited number of end users' AR worlds and drive social media engagement and ecommerce directly from within those environments.

Building on Thyng's October 2017 release of an AR Authoring App for iOS and Android devices, the ThyngIt suite of services delivers six new features. They are the following:

  • MyThyngs, a private area where users can import 3D objects, photos, and videos and combine them with a wide range of objects available in the Thyng library.
  • ThyngChannels, public and private spaces to share and distribute products for the world to experience them in AR.
  • ThyngTargets, allowing users to bring real-world items to life when they are scanned with the Thyng app and associate target items with any AR media experience.
  • ThyngLinks, allowing users to assign interactivity to any object in the Thyng AR Platform. With ThyngLinks, users can tap on any object within an AR world to display a web page defined specifically for that object. Web pages are overlaid on top of the AR world. Objects within an AR world can link out to informational, social media, and ecommerce pages. ThyngLinks work with all Thyng object types and services, including 3D objects, photos, videos, MyThyngs, ThyngChannels, and ThyngTargets.
  • ThyngMe, which allows users to create 3D scans and then bring them into the MyThyngs section of the Thyng App.
  • ThyngProducts, allowing businesses to have their product portfolio scanned in 3D for use in Thyng AR worlds or a custom-built, white-label AR app. Once ThyngProducts scans are complete, they can appear within the MyThyngs section of a corporate account within the Thyng app or be published within ThyngChannels for sharing.

"We're thrilled to be able to introduce ThyngIt as a way for both consumers and businesses to quickly and easily enter the world of AR," said Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng, in a statement. "With the addition of these six amazing features that all work together, we feel that the Thyng app now delivers an incredible platform for both consumers and businesses to experience and utilize the power of AR in entirely new ways."

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