5 Account-Based Marketing Techniques to Help You Engage Audiences at Scale

Account-based marketing (ABM) has emerged as an important B2B marketing strategy that adds value to your business by allowing you to focus like a laser on accounts that are more likely to convert or generate higher revenue. By creating personalized, targeted messaging and content that will help attract and engage your target accounts, you can maximize conversions and help reduce wasted time and budget. That’s why ABM delivers one of the highest ROIs of any B2B marketing tactic.

But once you have identified your high-value accounts, you may be wondering, what’s next? Below, we’ll look at a few of the techniques you can use to engage with these target accounts digitally and at scale. Remember, as you choose the best tactics for your business, it is important to tailor your messaging to each distinct channel and provide strong thought leadership content that is going to resonate with the right prospect from the appropriate account.

1. Social media advertising. Ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are an effective way to get your brand and content in front of the right account contacts. Let’s start with Facebook. The Facebook ad platform offers sophisticated ad targeting techniques that allow you to create custom audiences for your advertisement based on several factors, including email address, phone number, name, and location. You can use this information that you’ve gathered on your account contacts to deliver targeted ad content right to their Facebook feed.

LinkedIn is another vital social media platform for B2B businesses that want to reach targeted accounts with their ad content. LinkedIn also provides many sophisticated targeting techniques, but one of the most valuable may be company-specific targeting. On LinkedIn, your marketing team can identify which company accounts are most valuable and then deliver targeted ad content to key influencers at these companies. This helps you ensure that the right people at the right companies are seeing your ad content on LinkedIn.

Twitter is yet another valuable social media platform where you can reach your target accounts through advertising. Tailored Audiences on Twitter allow you to build a list of Twitter handles that you’d like to advertise to, which enables you to target key influencers at your target companies. You can also add a Twitter tag to your website to retarget your website visitors with tailored Twitter ad content. If your brand has a mobile app, you can also retarget app users on Twitter.

2. Content syndication. Content plays a significant role in helping you reach new audiences and build relationships with key stakeholders at your target accounts. But sometimes you need a little help getting your content into the right hands or improving your general reach for new potential contacts. Content syndication can help you expand your reach and get your content in front of the right people at the right companies. In addition, this tactic is cost-effective, as content syndication is generally priced on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis. This means that when you provide your target account list to the right content syndication network, you will pay only for leads that match all your criteria (including company name and title) and have interacted with your content.

Before you start syndicating content, you will want to be very precise with your targeting. Consider which syndication networks will help you reach your ideal audience as well as which specific types of content will appeal to the key stakeholders you are trying to reach within your target accounts. You should also consider what type of syndication will be most beneficial for your ABM campaign. Some publishers or syndicators will host the content on their site while others will house just a snippet or abstract with a link back to your own site.

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