• November 7, 2017

FullContact Releases Next Generation Platform and Enrich API

FullContact has launched its Next Generation Platform and Enrich API, allowing users to deepen their customer intelligence with expanded data subscriptions, data add-ons, advanced querying capabilities, and improved security.

Companies using FullContact's new offering can take advantage of data subscriptions to constantly access information about their customers and reduce data quality shortcomings as they try to comply with data privacy regulations. The API works with existing tools, including Slack and Segment, to bolster data enrichment and strengthen customer relationships.

Enrich API unifies contact fragments into complete customer profiles, enabling organizations to gain a full view of their customers. With this new API offering, users receive polling of person and company data, including geo-demographics, firmographics, and psychographics. FullContact's patented identity graph returns data with a default 95 percent confidence rating.

Enrich API also allows users to customize the Person Enrichment response further using specific sets of data, such as social affinities, firmographics, demographics, and more. They can also use multiple-input query to improve match returns and clean their contact records with email verification.

"Many organizations have incomplete, inaccurate records for their contacts that prevent them from making smart business decisions with actionable customer insights. Enabling businesses to create meaningful relationships with their customers means providing them with the most accurate data in a way that's easy to integrate," said Bart Lorang, CEO of FullContact, in a statement. "Our Next Generation platform was created for users that rely on up-to-date customer intelligence to impact their businesses."

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