• October 18, 2017

AppDynamics Updates Business iQ

AppDynamics, a Cisco company providing application intelligence, today introduced its next generation of Business iQ.

AppDynamics introduced Business iQ to show how technology performance affects business performance. The new version will enable companies to realize faster mean time to business awareness (MTBA) and provide CIOs a single visual of customer experiences the way they actually unfold in real time across any device.

The next-gen Business iQ will include the following:

  • Business Journeys to link multiple, distributed business events into a single business process that reflects the way customers interact with that business. Business Journeys can be tailored to any digital process, in any industry and any company.
  • Experience Level Management (XLM) to establish custom experience levels and thresholds by customer, location, or device. For example, a major retailer can deliver tailored experiences for its top customers throughout the customer journey by setting unique performance thresholds across its websites, mobile apps, in-store wireless, and at the checkout register.
  • IoT Visibility, to provide insight into how IoT devices are driving business impact and then map and correlate entire customer journeys from device, to customer touchpoint, to business conversions. It provides an aggregated view into device uptime, version status, and performance, enabling drill-down views into the device to simplify the troubleshooting of complex IoT devices. Custom dashboards allow users to build new visualizations to measure the business impact of IoT devices, from the revenue impact of a slow checkout for a brick-and-mortar retailer to the customer impact of a software change in a connected car.

"Before AppDynamics we relied on alerting systems which only identified issues with the technology. But the business doesn't care if a particular server was up, it cares that a particular business transaction is completed successfully. One of the key advantages that we have seen from Business iQ is that it provides a vehicle for both business colleagues and IT colleagues to collaborate together around a single source of truth. IT is no longer a bunch of folks off in the background building stuff," said John Hill, chief information officer at Carhartt, in a statement.

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