• October 10, 2017

Criteo Launches Audience Match and Customer Acquisition

Criteo, a commerce marketing technology company, today launched the beta versions of Criteo Audience Match and Criteo Customer Acquisition. Criteo Kinetic Design is also being expanded with the addition of video.

"Criteo Audience Match and Criteo Customer Acquisition delivers a robust suite of commerce marketing solutions to support the full shopper journey online and offline," said Patrick Wyatt, senior vice president of product management at Criteo, in a statement

Using identity and interest data from Criteo Shopper Graph, Criteo Customer Acquisition helps users proactively find and convert new customers. This performance-based, acquisition solution analyzes historical, behavioral data to create profiles of ideal targets, identifies new customers that match target profiles, and engages them based on products that indicate highest predicted interest.

Criteo Customer Acquisition helps companies do the following:

  • Identify and target new customers based on their browsing patterns and shopping interests;
  • Maximize conversion rates through personalized product recommendations; and
  • Optimize advertising spend by only paying when shoppers engage with campaigns.

A beta test in the United Kingdom showed that early adopters could increase new customer acquisition rates to as much as 73 percent.

"We gauge success based on reach, engagement, conversion, and the ability to understand exactly how digital advertising budgets impact our program performance," said Jon Grail, head of digital marketing at House of Fraser, in a statement. "Criteo Customer Acquisition is a powerful solution within the Criteo ecosystem that has delivered a direct lift in qualified site traffic, prospecting sales and customer orders."

"Criteo Customer Acquisition delivered outstanding performance resulting in four times more orders than our other customer acquisition partners," said Matt Roberts, head of digital marketing and CRM at New Look, in a statement.

Using CRM or DMP data to target audiences across web, mobile browser. and apps, Criteo Audience Match provides marketers with a new way to re-engage their customer base with broad-reaching, paid display campaigns. Criteo has built a foundation of deterministic ids within Criteo Shopper Graph, enabling beta customers to see a match rate of more than 60 percent of their existing client lists with online profiles.

Commerce marketers can use Criteo Audience Match to do the following:

  • Execute paid display campaigns across marketing scenarios, including re-engagement of lapsed customers, promotion of seasonal offers, cross-sell of products related to previous purchases, and more;
  • Drive advertising engagement through optimized ads, balancing brand-inspired design and ad performance through Kinetic Design; and
  • Synchronize perfectly with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting for cross-campaign optimization and attribution.

Criteo has also added video as a new channel and inventory source for commerce marketers. Criteo Kinetic Design automatically optimizes every visual aspect of ads. Kinetic Design already allows for more than 17 trillion variations from one base design in display ads. This has been now expanded to incorporate video, creating personalized video ads that feature relevant products based on Criteo's complete understanding of the shopper. These video ads are created automatically, on-the-fly, and appear across web and mobile.

Criteo's video capability also allows marketers to take advantage of video ads on a cost-per-click basis.

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