• September 19, 2017

Vision Critical Expands Its Sparq 3 Platform

Vision Critical has upgraded its Sparq 3 customer intelligence platform with a number of artificial intelligence solutions, including an insight and content sharing solution.

Among the additions is a proprietary suite of artificial intelligence applications powered by Relationship Memory, called Customer Relationship Intelligence Science, or CRIS. CRIS can review community activities and offer recommendations for fine-tuning activities within the Sparq platform. Developments for future versions include dynamic segmentation and recommendations around third-party activities that leverage Relationship Memory.

Vision Critical also worked with VC Labs to create an add-on to the Sparq platform that enables customers to reach their community members through Facebook Messenger. A similar integration enables customers to engage community members through WeChat.

Sparq 3 now delivers the power of Relationship Memory to the heart of any customer intelligence technology stack with third-party integrations. The first of these to be announced are SurveyGizmo and Remesh. Additionally, customers can now also build their own integrations to allow them to leverage and contribute to Relationship Memory with any third-party tool they choose.

Another addition to the platform, Connected Communities, enables teams to manage activities, analyze insight, and manage multiple communities together, while maintaining a unique branded experience for each. Relationship Memory and profile variables are centralized to provide a comprehensive global view and deeper analysis, while a streamlined workflow enables teams to deploy activities, manage insight, and continually engage community members at scale.

Through the new Member Hubs add-on, companies can simplify the process of curating and sharing insight and other content with community members. Community managers can share insight from Sparq with a single click and tag and share content from around the web through a variety of channels, including email, web, and social networks. Member engagement can be tracked and measured within Member Hubs to provide valuable information on community health.

Significant updates are also coming to Sparq Share, the stakeholder hub first introduced by Vision Critical last year. As with Member Hubs, community managers will be able to curate and distribute insight across the organization.

"Every interaction a company has with its customers is part of building the customer relationship, and the process of gathering insight is no exception," said Divesh Sisodraker, president and chief product officer at Vision Critical, in a statement. "Every innovation we are building into the Sparq 3 platform is aimed at making it easier for our customers to focus on building relationships, while making the platform more flexible, more scalable, faster, and easier to use."

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