• September 14, 2017

Evergage Launches Personalized Triggered Email Capabilities

Evergage, providers of a real-time personalization platform, today launched triggered email capabilities as part of the Evergage for Email offering, allowing digital marketers to automatically trigger perfectly timed, relevant, one-off emails based on an individual's in-the-moment actions across channels and on external factors.

Marketers can now use Evergage to build, schedule, and send email to prospects, customers, or even internal staff based on triggers, such as abandoned carts, abandoned forms, or website or page exits. Triggers can also be based on external factors, like weather conditions.

With the new functionality, users can do the following:

  • Design and build campaigns, add text and/or dynamic content, test it and configure the event trigger, selecting pre-populated options or defining their own criteria;
  • Include dynamic variables within subject lines;
  • A/B test subject line variations;
  • Set scheduling parameters for messages that aren't delivered instantly, defining the days of the week or hours of the day within recipients' local time zones to send messages;
  • View campaign reporting with dashboards to see campaign performance in real time and the impact on business objectives; and
  • Ensure coordination with existing email service providers or marketing automation platforms. Evergage complements existing email systems to handle opt-in, unsubscribe, and suppression lists and ensure email frequency capping.

Evergage's triggered emails can also be combined with Evergage for Email's open-time personalization,which delivers one-to-one personalized content, promotions, and recommendations into email campaigns the instant recipients open the message.

"When marketers can communicate in a timely, relevant, and helpful way, they're more likely to build long-term relationships with buyers," said Evergage CEO Karl Wirth in a statement. "Evergage has the most complete and advanced personalization platform, and our triggered email capabilities are an important addition, reflecting client demand and industry needs and helping minimize irrelevant emails. Marketers can now better engage customers when they're not on their website or app using Evergage's rich profile data to deliver emails that reflect individuals' interests and motivate them to action."

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