• August 23, 2017

Fuel Cycle Adds Geotargeting

Fuel Cycle, providers of a market research and community intelligence platform, added geolocation capabilities to its mobile app, allowing businesses to use location-based research to capture location-specific customer intelligence.

Fuel Cycle's location-based activities help companies capture in-the-moment reactions from customers. Once the geo-targeting feature is triggered, companies can ask questions relevant to a location and capture the user's impressions through photos, videos, surveys, and more.

"With 90 percent of smartphone owners using location-based services, businesses have a tremendous opportunity to gather dynamic data that combines customer sentiment with actual behavior and actions," said Bahram Nour-Omid, CEO of Fuel Cycle, in a statement. "As the first to offer these geolocation capabilities within a community setting, we continue to be the most mobile-centric community platform. The geolocation functionality creates new customer touchpoints that engage customers at just the right time and place, helping businesses uncover highly impactful insights that drive better business decisions."

Users can lock and unlock activities for specific users, add new locations, and offer incentives to members who unlock and participate in specific activities. Customers can be surveyed about their experiences while they shop, encouraged to share content, or invited to events and activities at specific locations.

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