Aprimo Introduces Campaign Management Capabilities

Aprimo, provider of a marketing operations platform, today released Aprimo Campaign, a cloud-based solution designed to help midsize to large organizations manage customer data and gather insights for improving multichannel marketing initiatives.

The solution aims to let marketers use customer and prospect information from online and offline sources, and to target lists and segments over several execution channels, including email, direct mail, or SMS, among others

According to Greg Hennessy, Aprimo's director of product strategy, the system provides marketers with flexibility as it allows them access to data that flows in from on-premises, cloud-based, or hosted sources. The advantage of the company's software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, he notes, is that it promises to reduce costs by cutting IT involvement and infrastructure deployments out of the equation. (For many firms, these kinds of additional investments can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

Another benefit of Aprimo Campaign—and one which helps the vendor differentiate from competitors such as IBM, Adobe, and SAS—is simplified maintenance and administration. All program updates are served up to users automatically through Microsoft Azure's platform. "Microsoft Azure gives us a great level of security, reliability, and dynamic scalability," Hennessy says.

End users can integrate Campaign with other products in Aprimo's suite, including Plan & Spend, Digital Asset Management, and Distributed Marketing. "You get a lot of benefits from being on [the Aprimo] platform," Hennessey says. "But we definitely don't expect our customers to start with the entire suite. Campaign management, on its own, provides an incredible amount of value."

Campaign can also connect to technologies from other marketing software providers, through an open integration framework. This is important, because "marketers want choice," notes Hennessey. Marketers require the ability to connect to new channels using customer data and track where they are sending information.

Hennessey says that Aprimo is developing an "event detection" function that will allow companies to monitor changes in customer behavior over time, segment for them, and communicate with them on the appropriate channel. For instance, a banking company can activate the function to see which account holders have drawn down their balances by more than 10 percent in the past month. Marketers who have segmented for that particular event can then contact the selected customers with suitable offers and assistance, to ensure their continued business.

Kevin Souers, chief product officer at Aprimo, said in a statement that the release will help marketers "make sense" of data sets that can seem overwhelming:

"The average organization has more marketing data than it knows what to do with, and there's a serious need to bring method to the madness. To complicate matters even more, key customer information often resides in myriad locations ranging from on premise databases to the cloud. Not only do marketers lack a unified view of it all, they struggle to make sense of it and take action. We're solving for this entire business problem."

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