• April 5, 2017

Confirmit Launches the Compass VoC Maturity Model

Confirmit, a provider of customer experience, voice of the customer, voice of the employee, and market research solutiuons, today launched Confirmit Compass, a five-stage voice of the customer maturity model. Confirmit Compass is designed to help companies understand the key stages of maturity in VoC program development.

Confirmit Compass was developed with a research team from Rockbridge Associates and professors from the University of Miami and St. John's University.

"Confirmit Compass was built as a continuation of our core methodology, Confirmit Voices, that we developed to enable organizations to create clear objectives and design a tailored program," said Claire Sporton, vice president of customer experience management at Confirmit, in a statement. "Confirmit Compass will further our efforts to help customers assess and grow their programs, develop a clear plan to drive business change, and generate a strong return on investment."

"Companies that rely on the Confirmit Compass methodology to make decisions about their CX programs can be assured that its underlying metrics are anchored in sound science that establish their reliability and prove they drive success," said Charles Colby, chief methodologist and founder of Rockbridge, in a statement.

Through a five-part framework, Confirmit Compass helps companies visualize their position on the CX maturity scale. The assessment considers programs from the following five perspectives:

  • Vision: A mature program has a clear strategy or vision that defines critical milestones by breaking the program down into achievable pieces and linking it to key business objectives.
  • Design: Mature programs evolve to meet the changing needs of customers and the business over time.
  • Engagement: A successful customer-facing organization has the client embedded in its culture. VoC and CX programs can help drive this culture change by providing actionable, engaging information about the customer.
  • Action: Depending on the maturity of a program, the level of action will vary from quick wins with a big impact to longer-term actions that drive the customer experience into the future.
  • Value: A mature program should be embedded within the organization's DNA and constantly be measuring success and gathering proof points for the work while identifying new ways to deliver value, especially on operational, financial, and cultural fronts.

"VoC maturity is not instantly achieved once the program is up and running. No matter how well-designed a VoC program might be, a successful customer experience program requires meticulous upkeep and nurturing," said Shelly Chandler, vice president of customer experience consulting at Confirmit, in a statement. "From the tactical elements, to frontline efforts and financial outcomes, there are many pieces of the CX puzzle that evolve at different rates, and VoC is extremely important to each step of the journey. It is crucial that organizations self-assess the competencies and maturity levels of each element in order for their program to progress. Confirmit Compass will help Confirmit customers do just this."

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