• December 13, 2016

The Weather Company Extends WEATHERfx Ad Platform to The Trade Desk and Vistar Media

The Weather Company, which was acquired by IBM in October 2015, is expanding off-property access to its proprietary automated ad targeting platform, WEATHERfx, and further extending the capability beyond The Weather Channel and Weather Underground web and mobile properties.

As part of this WEATHERfx expansion, Weather has collaborated with The Trade Desk, a global self-service technology platform for buyers of advertising, and Vistar Media, providers of a solution for programmatic out-of-home advertising. Through The Trade Desk and Vistar Media, marketers will be able to leverage WEATHERfx targeting across programmatic campaigns.

WEATHERfx is an automated targeting platform that leverages weather’s potential impact on emotion and delivering messaging designed to inform consumer action. Using weather-based triggers that identify conditions when weather is most likely to drive consumer behavior, the automated WEATHERfx platform activates media to run when the optimal mix of conditions occur.

"As the digital advertising ecosystem continues to grow and transform, it's more important than ever for marketers to manage their campaigns across all channels in a more holistic manner," said Jeremy Steinberg, global head of sales at The Weather Company, in a statement. "By expanding the availability of our WEATHERfx platform off-property with The Trade Desk and Vistar Media, marketers will be able to apply our proven and successful WEATHERfx targeting to a much larger portion of their overall media and marketing and make their overall campaigns more targeted and relevant based on local weather conditions. This marks the continued evolution of The Weather Company's innovative ad solutions as they grow and scale beyond our properties."

"The Trade Desk's collaboration with The Weather Company enables advertisers to achieve a more granular level of decisioning, resulting in even more dynamic and contextually relevant ads," said David Danziger, vice president of enterprise partnerships at The Trade Desk, in a statement. "Our customers are able to use this additional layer of WEATHERfx data to better target consumers across their whole campaign, from mobile to connected TV, native to display, and everything in between."

"Collaborating with The Weather Channel to extend WEATHERfx data targeting to out-of-home was a natural fit," said Michael Provenzano, CEO and co-founder of Vistar Media, in a statement. "Vistar's platform is uniquely built to respond to data sets involving location and time, like weather conditions,  to help marketers connect with on-the-go consumers at the right place and right time with relevant messaging."

In addition to its recent integrations with The Trade Desk and Vistar Media, WEATHERfx can also be used off-platform to help marketers better target messaging across social media, email marketing, and on marketers' websites or mobile apps.

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