Bullhorn Introduces Canvas Reporting Tools

Cloud-based software provider Bullhorn today released Canvas, a business analytics and intelligence suite that aims to help companies strengthen their customer relationships. The new suite delivers deep analytics capabilities through an intuitive user interface, thus giving firms access to various dimensions of their business and enabling them to uncover insights from their account data in order to drive results.

Canvas's functionality enhances the vendor's existing CRM technologies with configurable reporting capabilities that make sense of the many interactions companies have with their clients and prospects. According to Matt Fischer, Bullhorn's president and CTO, Canvas provides full access to every piece of data that exists in Bullhorn CRM, including opportunity data, NPS survey results, and other campaign performance stats. "Every department at a company can leverage Canvas to analyze different aspects of their business, from business performance to opportunity velocity to customer sentiment and impacts on churn," Fisher says. Professionals can draw inferences from data that is typically hard for them to access, including employee performance, customer communication velocity, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other business metrics.

With Canvas, business leaders can manage end-to-end sales processes and optimize workflows by focusing on making the moves that make the most sense in relation to their particular interests. Using a drag-and-drop function, users can quickly edit fields and create customized reports and visualizations without having to write additional code to get up and running. The solution is designed to empower users to make decisions that will have the biggest impact for their outfits, and align with their requirements for geography, internal structure, and pipeline specifications.

Within the suite, companies can access a heat map feature that shows them how different teams are performing across regions, and other historical trends. They can also drill into the activities each salesperson has with her accounts to see how they are progressing in the funnel and how they compare to other employees. The goal is to help companies better allocate their resources and improve productivity by prompting them to take advantage of their most profitable opportunities and invest wisely to meet their targets.

Users can also easily collaborate, as the technology is equipped to encourage sharing among coworkers. Leaders can export the results of their reports into Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats, as well as schedule and send messages containing them to free up time for other activities.

In a statement, Fischer said that the release can spare firms having to maintain their "own data warehouse":

"With Canvas, we're doubling down on our strength by providing an analytics platform that is as easy to use as it is powerful. By empowering you to report on the entire data model—with clicks and not code—directly from within Bullhorn, you have world-class business intelligence at your fingertips without the hassle and expense of building and maintaining your own data warehouse."

Fischer adds that early release customers have seen significant productivity and performance gains. "Because Bullhorn customers can now look into every dimension of their business in real time, they're able to uncover insights otherwise hidden within their data," he says. "Our staffing customers say that they can better understand their employee's performance (productivity gains) and fill jobs faster by maintaining a better candidate pool (operational efficiency and profit)."

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