• June 29, 2016

Alteryx Adds Predictive Capabilities to Its Data Analytics

Alteryx, a provider of self-service data analytics, has added predictive and prescriptive capabilities to its Alteryx Analytics platform.

"Over 1,500 companies, and tens of thousands of users worldwide, use Alteryx for data preparation, blending, and analytics. Our users span the gamut from data scientists at the cutting edge of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, to newer users who want to enhance the depth of their analyses using advanced analytic modeling, and want to do so in a guided, code-free environment," said Bob Laurent, vice president of product marketing at Alteryx, in a statement. "These enhancements make the power of predictive analytics accessible to all users so they can drive deeper insights and scale them to support the decision-making needs of their organizations."

New enhancements to Alteryx Analytics include the ability to do the following:

  • Create models that progress from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive analytics. Users can evaluate possible alternatives and predict future outcomes through simulation analysis. They can also discover strategic, tactical, and operational efficiencies with optimization analysis. In addition, users can also add predictive analytic functionality around forecasting with new time series tools from the Predictive District in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.
  • Leverage the power of big data platforms to accelerate self-service data analytics. Predictive modeling can now be performed inside Teradata data warehouses with in-database analytics. Also, the parallel processing power of Apache Spark can be leveraged to speed the blending of large datasets with in-database blending for Databricks.
  • Expand and enhance analytics skills with a Predictive Analytics Starter Kit to deliver deeper insights and better business outcomes. The interactive, guided starter kit help users understand predictive modeling techniques, including A/B testing, linear regression, and logistic regression.
  • Scale self-service analytics across an organization with Alteryx Server, leveraging configuration management and an automation toolset with sample deployment scripts.

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