• April 13, 2016

ConnectAndSell Launches the Sales Velocity Framework

ConnectAndSell, a provider of advanced sales acceleration, has launched the ConnectAndSell Sales Velocity Framework, a platform that provides advanced sales analytics and enables sales managers to set up customized alerts, dashboards, and reports to summarize sales team activity, identify issues, and apply high-impact interventions.

"Why should a sales manager have to wait until the end of the month or the end of the quarter to see the results of his reps' calling efforts? With ConnectAndSell Sales Velocity Framework, managers can not only have these number at their fingertips, but be alerted to the precise need for improvement before resources are wasted on bad lists, ineffective messaging, or gaps in rep skills," said Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, in a statement. "To be most effective, interventions with lists, message, or reps should be applied as soon as an issue is detected and the root cause is identified. Our Sales Velocity Framework was created to save sales managers precious time while maximizing the positive results from their daily management actions."

With ConnectAndSell Sales Velocity Framework, managers can set just-in-time alerts to monitor the following:

  • The number of dials made per meeting set for each sales rep;
  • Details that resulted from every call and conversation;
  • Lead persistence and follow-up effectiveness;
  • How each rep's time was spent on task, including talk time with prospects and wrap-up time entering notes to support next steps; and
  • List quality statistics that highlight trending issues with dial-to-connect ratios, time allocation for steps in the calling process, lead targeting accuracy, and contact record hygiene.

Actionable insights are delivered through dashboards and real-time alerts that analyze usage patterns, dial attempt outcomes, and conversation dispositions to detect failure points in the calling process. With this information, sales managers can focus on fixing the root causes of performance shortfalls by refreshing lists to prevent list fatigue, filtering out low-value contacts, tuning message delivery, providing prompt precision coaching, and adjusting work assignments.

ConnectAndSell Sales Velocity Framework covers roles ranging from sales development rep to account executive, and go-to-market strategies ranging from rapid market coverage to account-based marketing and sales.

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