• December 9, 2015

Sales Development Services Becomes SalesFuel

Sales Development Services has changed its name to SalesFuel.

"We've shortened our name to better describe the value we bring," company CEO C. Lee Smith explained in a statement. "Your sales department is the revenue engine that allows everything else to happen. We provide the fuel."

Now as SalesFuel, the company will help customers turn business intelligence databases into big insights for sales professionals who work in other types of businesses, such as medical sales, retail, insurance, and B2B services.

"When we started out, it was leads that fueled your sales department. But today, it's all about intelligence—the kind of vital information you can't find on Google or LinkedIn," Smith said. "SalesFuel turns big data into big insights, providing the tools, training, and intelligence your sales team needs to sell smarter."

The SalesFuel API integrates the intelligence stack with sales teams' CRM, dashboard or marketing automation system regardless of industry. As SalesFuel, the company's current core products include the SalesFuel API as well as the following:

  • White-label Guided Sales Apps for vertical categories, including healthcare/medical, SMB retail, and B2B sales. These include Smart Prospects, account scoring, etc. These can be cloud-based and/or customized.
  • AdMall sales intelligence for media sales, digital marketin,g and advertising agencies.
  • The AudienceSCAN annualstudy of more than 14,000 adults to provide vital research, forecasts, and analysis to help strategic advertisers and marketers make better decisions. AudienceSCAN also provides a database of U.S. consumer purchase intent profiles.
  • Gitomer Certified Sales Training, based on the works of Jeffrey Gitomer, and the cloud-based Gitomer Learning Academy for self-paced skills development.

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