• December 4, 2015

Veeva Systems Releases Medical CRM

Veeva Systems has unveile Veeva Medical CRM, a cloud-based solution that enables key opinion leader (KOL) visibility and improved engagement.

Veeva Medical CRM interoperates with Veeva KOL Data, which delivers a consolidated feed of up-to-date information and unique insights on KOLs worldwide. At a glance, salespeople see a complete picture of KOLs, their preferences, relationship networks, and affiliations with healthcare organizations like integrated delivery networks, payers, and pharmacy and therapeutics  committees. And, as an open solution, Veeva Medical CRM can manage any internal or third-party KOL data sources.

"Traditionally, medical teams have struggled with multiple, disparate systems, limiting their ability to engage stakeholders and to quantify the effectiveness of their efforts," said Robert Groebel, Veeva's vice president of global medical strategy, in a statement. "As the role of medical affairs grows, teams are seeking new metrics, both quantitative and qualitative, to show the value of these interactions. With Veeva Medical CRM, medical affairs gains real-time visibility into its impact across channels, demonstrating medical's strategic value and supporting continuous process improvement."

Veeva Medical CRM works seamlessly with Veeva CRM, allowing for controlled collaboration and information-sharing between medical and commercial teams.

Veeva also this week released Veeva KOL Data as a subscription, offering a single consolidated, global source of all key stakeholder information. Additionally, Veeva announced the availability of Veeva CRM Suggestions, which leverages the power of data science to correlate large quantities of data with actual customer behaviors to recommend next best actions to take across which channels.

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