• November 16, 2015

Arrayworks Emerges with a New CRM Platform

Arrayworks officially launched as a company today.

Arrayworks Founder and CEO Gordon Earle and his team spent nearly 10 years perfecting a low-code platform that combines customer relationship management, business process management, and project management. It seamlessly unites users with all of their data, processes, and collaborations in one environment on any mobile device.

"I spent over a decade as a partner at top-tier national consulting firms and witnessed first-hand how poor technology choices diminish an organization's true growth potential," Earle said in a statement. "Most organizations believe they are stuck with a hodgepodge of legacy systems and separate applications cobbled together with so-called cutting-edge solutions. Now they can easily create their own custom work platform that can be configured and enhanced to meet their exact requirements quickly and cost-effectively."

Arrayworks was built as a low-code platform. "We offer the only business management solution with a proven, patented low-code configuration. This yields a future-proof platform which captures incremental innovation as businesses change over time without costly programming or re-coding," Earle said.

Today, the Arrayworks platform is used by a variety of organizations across industries, including insurance, financial services, and event planning. Key customers include Lenox Advisors, MBA Group, SBLI, and F1 Boston.

"I can move at the speed of light while everyone else is trying to catch the train," said Stacy Matthews, senior vice president and relationship manager at Lenox Advisors, in a statement. "There is no system that is going to be able to make you as efficient."

"Working on Arrayworks allowed me to learn about the industry, excel quickly, and build a strong client base, which is fueling the company's bottom line. I'm able to close sales a lot faster because it alleviates a lot of the paperwork. For me, Arrayworks is the better way to grow as a sales professional.  It is the best software system that I've ever used," said Kim Skellett, a sales representative at F1 Boston, in a statement.

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