• November 4, 2015

Zoho Launches Motivator, a Gamification Tool for Sales Teams

Zoho launched Zoho Motivator, its insight-driven software for maximizing the performance of sales teams.

Zoho Motivator works with the company's customer relationship management software, Zoho CRM, and uses contests, scorecards, and leaderboards to help salespeople maximize revenues and help increase team engagement.

"Sales is about numbers, and driving desired behavior in salespeople is instrumental to achieve them," said Raju Vegesna, chief evangelist of Zoho, in a statement. "Sales teams often focus squarely on targets and neglect the practices that let them achieve those targets. Zoho Motivator not only increases revenue by driving desired behavior and improving the sales process, but also makes sure salespeople have fun while they're at it."

Zoho Motivator offerings include the following:

  • Business intelligence through KPIs and Dashboards: Sales managers can define criteria or KPIs like leads generated or potentials created, and track performance in real time. They can also customize dashboards and analyze data on these criteria to identify areas of improvement.
  • Deeper insights through metrics like Pipeline Velocity and Pipeline Stages: Pipeline Velocity indicates how quickly opportunities are moving through the sales pipeline on their way to becoming won deals. Pipeline Stages provides insights about bottlenecks in the sales pipeline.
  • Define desired sales practices by setting Custom Targets: Managers can drive desired behavior in salespeople by setting targets, like making all client calls by noon or meeting prospects every week.
  • Real-Time Scorecards for insightful results: Salespeople can access real-time reports of their current sales contest using scorecards. A high-performing individual can be paired with a low-performing individual and work together as a team so everyone is motivated to perform better.
  • Motivator TV drives awareness and engagement: Sales victories and contest winners can be showcased on big-screen TVs for better team motivation and engagement. Zoho Motivator also provides an on-screen ticker that displays real-time notifications to the sales team so everyone knows how they are doing in the current contest or sales period.
  • Contests and Leaderboardsto energize salespeople.

Users will need a Zoho CRM account to reap the benefits of Zoho Motivator. All basic CRM data, like leads, potentials, etc., is automatically synced from their CRM accounts the moment they sign up for Zoho Motivator.

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