• October 2, 2015

Offerpop Integrates with Instagram Ads API

Offerpop, provider of a visual user-generated content marketing platform, has integrated with the Instagram Ads API to allow marketers to use Offerpop's platform to collect, curate, and secure the rights to showcase user-generated content in ads on Instagram.

The integration enables marketers to use Offerpop's platform to collect and secure rights to user-generated content across channels, encourage users to create more, and leverage it in Instagram advertisements. Brands can showcase the content in a single image, video, or carousel ad with multiple images. User-generated content Instagram ads include captions and call-to-action buttons to drive desired consumer behaviors, such as visiting brand Web sites and receiving product information.

"Hundreds of millions of people turn to Instagram to express themselves visually and creatively, and many of them are using the platform every day to celebrate and engage with their favorite brands," said Prakash Mishra, chief technology officer and co-founder of Offerpop, in a statement. "Now, native [user-generated content] ads on Instagram, coupled with Offerpop's innovative rights management process and predictive capabilities that identify which content resonates loudest with audiences, are changing how brands approach advertising. They are connecting with consumers in a more authentic and engaging manner. We look forward to working with our customers to transform how they advertise."

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