• May 21, 2015

Monetate Releases Customer Intelligence Layer

Monetate, a provider of multichannel personalization, has launched Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer to reveal valuable insights from big data. As a result, marketers can deliver personalized experiences by recognizing customers as they journey across devices and channels.

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer empowers companies to identify unique individuals over the sea of touchpoints. It interprets key attributes and critical behavioral signals buried in mountains of online and offline data to inform evidence-based marketing strategies. Leveraging these findings to create actionable customer profiles, the solution enables companies to determine the right people to market to, the types of personalized experiences to offer those individuals, and the most effective devices and channels for connecting with them.

"Gaining a unified view of the customer is the holy grail of marketing. Traditionally, it has been very tough for brands to achieve this level of clarity and precision. Today, it's more accessible than ever before," said Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO of Monetate, in a statement. "Whether people are shopping in store or online, each of their actions should influence the next marketing decision. The innovative strides we've set forth in the Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer make all of this possible."

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer offers the following capabilities:

  • Customer Profiles: Actionable profiles can be composed of first- or third-party digital customer data combined with Monetate's native behavioral data.
  • Customer ID Synchronization: Across desktop, email, mobile apps, mobile Web, in-store, and countless other touchpoints, customers have singular experiences with brands. By synchronizing unique identifiers, marketers can treat customers as individuals instead of fragmented pieces and benefit from a holistic understanding.
  • Data Activation: Essential customer information is often scattered throughout organizations in offline systems such as CRM, data warehouses and transactional databases. Marketers can activate this latent wisdom by bringing together all of their data sources, online or offline, for delivering relevant experiences.

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer drives the following outcomes:

  • Cross-Screen Experiences: As customers navigate between different devices, all of their behavior is aggregated for delivering seamless cross-screen experiences that pick up where they last left off.
  • Customer Analytics and Insights: Brands gain new perspectives with granular analytics. By centering insights on the person instead of the campaign, dashboards visualize KPIs, such as individual customer lifetime value and retention.
  • Predictive Intelligence: Pairing customer-level targeting and predictive decisioning can automatically determine the next-best action, creative, and audience to deliver or target. Through analyzing customer profile attributes, multichannel data sources, and behavioral insights, marketers can personalize experiences in real time and even predict lifetime value and churn.

"The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer gives brands a competitive edge," continued Duncalfe. "It equips them with unprecedented understanding and opens new doors to a future filled with limitless marketing possibilities."

In addition to the Customer Intelligence Layer, Monetate detailed several other aspects of its product roadmap including the following:

    • Monetate for Mobile Apps which allows marketers to personalize and test any part of their mobile app's user experience, run unlimited A/B/n tests, segment customers and instantly update the app without ever having to touch a single line of code.
    • Enterprise scale and efficiency enhancements, including additional international support, organizational and communication tools and new multichannel user roles.
    • Cross-channel merchandising, including product recommendations in email and revenue influencing reports.
    • Customer insights, including enhanced analytics dashboards for customer and audience level performance.

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