• March 16, 2015

Meltwater Launches Media Intelligence Solution

Meltwater, a provider of media intelligence solutions, today launched a new product built for corporate communications and other business decision makers to keep on top of billions of real-time editorial, blog, and social media conversations. The Meltwater solution extracts the insights required to manage your brand, understand competition, and keep on top of industry trends.

The new Meltwater solution is available immediately in 13 languages.

"Most companies spend a lot of effort mining internal data but underestimate the wealth of business insights that can be extracted by mining the large amount of information openly available on the internet," said Meltwater Founder and CEO, Jorn Lyseggen, in a statement. "Advances in data science have paved the way for a new class of business intelligence. We have leveraged this to rebuild the Meltwater platform from the ground up to present real-time insights from the outside that can be used to drive business strategy."

The new Meltwater solution has been completely redesigned with a modern user experience and workflows to help:

  • Cut through the noise: find the meaning in billions of conversations and identify what’s important;
  • Track the market and see their impact: use analytics and real-time dashboards to take the guesswork out of market trends and campaign performance;
  • Connect with key influencer: drive the conversation in any channel by delivering the right content to the right audience; and
  • Compare their brand: benchmark their performance against the competition.

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