• February 3, 2015

uSamp Changes Its Name to Instantly

uSamp, a supplier of market research, has changed its corporate name and brand identity to Instantly. The rebrand unifies the company's audience offerings with its consumer insights tools under a single entity and positions the company for continued growth and innovation.

"Changing our name to Instantly allows us to directly connect our sample business to our growing insights platform and expand both business units together," said Alan Gould, the company's CEO, in a statement.

For more than six years, uSamp has provided sample solutions to market research firms and Fortune 500 brands. Since 2012, the company has also developed advanced automated tools that deliver insights for brand managers and marketers.

Today, Instantly starts its accelerated journey toward building a comprehensive consumer insights platform for marketers to gather data from consumers. Additionally, Instantly plans to invest further in its sample business and grow its audience offerings for the research community.

Under Instantly, the company will offer tthe following products:

  • Instantly Concept Test: The automated insights tool for collecting consumer feedback on early-stage product concepts.
  • Instantly Survey Tool: The free survey authoring tool that allows marketers to create surveys and send them to a database or any desired consumer audience.
  • Instantly Sample Service: The service for accessing samples for any research study.
  • Instantly Automated Sample: The automated platform for purchasing samples and managing research studies.
  • Instantly Mobile Solutions: The mobile research solutions for ad effectiveness, in-home usage testing, and shopper insights studies.

"We have an incredible wealth of data at our fingertips coming directly from the consumers that multinational brands want to reach," said Andy Jolls, chief marketing officer, in a statement. "In 2015, we plan to push the boundaries of consumer insights by finding new ways to collect answers before marketers even need to ask questions. We believe that today's marketers need access to the data of now in order to keep up with the rapidly shifting consumer landscape and to use budgets efficiently to mitigate market failures."

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