• December 18, 2014

AnswerDash Integrates with Zendesk

AnswerDash, a provider of contextual answer technology for Web sites, today announced a technology integration with Zendesk Help Center to further customer self-service initiatives for Zendesk clients.

The integration allows Web sites to display help content from Zendesk Help Center as contextual Q&A that appear on relevant objects on a Web page. Web site users have access to Help Center content wherever they have questions, with just a click of the mouse and without typing search queries. Links from revealed content connect users back to Help Center for direct access to the full Help Center articles.

AnswerDash can also transform Zendesk tickets into new AnswerDash contextual Q&A via a new app that plugs into Zendesk's customer service platform. Customer service agents can respond directly to support tickets and now also convert those tickets into self-service Q&A to head off similar support requests in the future.

Through AnswerDash's integration with Zendesk, users can do the following:

  • Bring Zendesk Help Center Articles to Users' Point-of-Action: Customer service teams can now can sync their Zendesk Help Center articles into AnswerDash's point-and-click contextual answer service, providing users with instant access to Help Center content on relevant objects on Web sites. Syncing occurs every 10 minutes to ensure that AnswerDash surfaces the most up-to-date Help Center content.
  • Answer Commonly Asked Questions Once: The AnswerDash app that plugs into Zendesk allows customer service teams to turn frequently-asked Zendesk tickets into AnswerDash contextual Q&A for all future visitors to see. By enabling common questions to appear in the interface as contextual Q&A, those questions yield a 60 percent reduction in support tickets.
  • Deliver New AnswerDash Questions as Zendesk Tickets: New questions asked via AnswerDash are delivered as Zendesk tickets. As each ticket turns into AnswerDash self-service Q&A, ticket volumes decline for the most common questions on a site.

"For most online businesses, 80 percent of support ticket volume is due to just 20 percent of the most frequently-asked questions, leading to customer service agent fatigue and inability for support teams to cost-effectively scale," said Jake Wobbrock, CEO and co-founder of AnswerDash, in a statement. "Our integration with Zendesk helps transform traditional assisted customer service into highly efficient customer self-service, reducing the number of help tickets and enabling support teams to scale."

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