• November 21, 2014

Dstrux Launches E-Commerce Marketing Platform

Dstrux, provider of a file sharing platform, has launched a program that allows brands to reach consumers with action-driven campaigns. Dstrux, which launched in April, empowers consumers and brands with a means to share pictures, documents, or other files, that at any time can be commanded to self-destruct.

Unlike the Amazon SnapChat deal, Dstrux is not a 10-second view and it's gone communication. Compasnies can preset or modify the duration of the message and or file and have real-time access to who is viewing the material.

"The problem with email marketing is the lack of a call to action, and there is no sense of urgency or exclusivity. Additionally most promotion emails go to spam, and the open rate is extremely low. Dstrux solves these issues with a timed self-destructing image that prompts the consumer to act quickly before it disappears. Our greatest feature is the ability to prevent forwarding of a deal so it can be tightly controlled or allow forward and follow it as it travels through the Web and end it at any time," said Nathan Hecht, CEO and founder of Dstrux, in a statement.

"Currently we have online brands in beta programs that are gearing up for this holiday season. What attracted them to Dstrux is the ability to monitor their campaigns in real-time and set the time frame for the life of the communication. We are really excited about this new medium of communication and the flexibility this offers retailers in driving meaningful conversions." Hecht said.

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