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Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems provide all types of organizations with powerful, flexible, and reliable CRM tools and resources. Cloud-based CRM tools are available to staff in the office and out in the field. Explore the latest news, analysis, and advice related to cloud-based CRM here.

B2B Marketers’ Skills Are Changing, LinkedIn Finds

Innovative thinking, problem solving, and adaptability will be key.

B2B Needs to Adopt an E-Commerce Approach

Forrester urges B2B sellers to more closely mirror B2C interactions.

Top AI Jobs Are CRM-Related

CRM pros need to stay ahead of the curve with AI advancements, research finds.

A Look Ahead at CRM in 2024

Industry players share their thoughts about what lies ahead for sales, marketing, and customer service.

Required Reading: Revenue Growth Is Possible with Responsible AI

Have a clear objective and ethical framework when applying AI to sales and marketing.

CX for 2024 Offers Opportunities, Challenges

Forrester says that companies need to judiciously invest in and use generative AI and similar tech.

Generative AI Offers Significant Customer Success Benefits

Automated content creation can fuel growth without adding head count, Forrester finds.

Conversational AI Spending in Contact Centers to Rise

Gartner eyes huge spending increases this year and next on conversational AI and digital assistants.

35 Percent of CROs to Establish a Generative AI Team Within Two Years

Generative AI will democratize, accelerate, and enable buyer-centric messaging, Gartner reports.

B2B Marketers Are Embracing AI

But confidence is still lacking in the results generated, Forrester finds.

Gartner’s Top Sales Technologies

Gartner identified the innovations sales leaders can adopt to boost buyer engagement.

Generative AI to Usher in a Bold New Future for Business

AI will bring together physical and digital worlds for companies, Accenture notes.

For New Technology Adoption, Get Rid of the Old

Reps won't use new technologies as long as the old technology is still in place, Gartner finds.

A Look Ahead at CRM in 2023

CRM industry experts share their thoughts about what lies ahead in the new year.

Digital Commerce Now Demands Rich Media

Companies should look into more short-form video advertising, Forrester suggests.

Required Reading: TSIA Leaders Pen the Digital Transformation Playbook

Business transformation requires a rethinking of traditional business models.

Post-Pandemic Events Must Focus on Audience Needs

Virtual events are here to stay, and marketers need to revamp their strategies, Forrester advises.

Different B2B Buyers Show Different Signals

Being able to recognize buyer intent signals is key to success, Forrester finds.

Staking a Spot in the Metaverse Is for the Risk-Takers

Designing experiences for the metaverse will require bold action, Forrester warns.

2022 Marks the Advent of the Metaverse Continuum

Accenture highlights the fledgling metaverse in its ‘Technology Vision 2022' report.