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Social CRM, or social relationship management enhances the customer relationship and lead interactions through the use of social networking on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

U.S. Shoppers Favor Retailer-Owned Ads

Retail media networks are preferable and pack more influence, Intellias finds,

5 Best Practices for Empathetic Experience Design

Companies need to design customer experiences that make emotional connections, Forrester says.

Social Ads Are an Irritant

Consumers tell Hootsuite they don't like social media advertising.

B2B Marketers Waste a Lot of Time and Resources

CMO Council gives most marketers grades of C or worse for their efforts.

FTC Plans Crackdown on Fake Reviews, Influencers

New rules would prevent companies from using bogus customer comments or suppressing negative ones.

Social Content Creators Gain Influence

With sharp increases in numbers in just the past two years, social media content creators are in huge demand, Forrester says.

Gartner’s Top Sales Technologies

Gartner identified the innovations sales leaders can adopt to boost buyer engagement.

Social Media, Customer Service Top In-Demand Skills

LinkedIn uncovers the skills that are most valuable to companies right now.

CRM to Be a $96.4 Billion Business by 2027

Spending will increase as companies expand their customer experience focus.

A Look Ahead at CRM in 2023

CRM industry experts share their thoughts about what lies ahead in the new year.

Required Reading: Rethinking the ABCs of Selling

Companies need to move away from the old "Always Be Closing" mind-set.

Digital Commerce Now Demands Rich Media

Companies should look into more short-form video advertising, Forrester suggests.

Post-Pandemic Events Must Focus on Audience Needs

Virtual events are here to stay, and marketers need to revamp their strategies, Forrester advises.

Required Reading: Strategies for Navigating the ‘Metail Economy’

Companies need to transform their businesses to thrive in the me-centric revolution.

Staking a Spot in the Metaverse Is for the Risk-Takers

Designing experiences for the metaverse will require bold action, Forrester warns.

Forrester’s 5 Steps to Optimize B2B Ad Budgets

Greater attention needs to be paid to proper audience targeting, says a new report.

Voice Assistants Still Underutilized for Business

Despite widespread availability, companies and customers aren't interacting with them.

Chat Ready for Takeoff; Some Companies Aren’t

Many consumers are already comfortable with the technology, Forrester finds.

What Keeps CMOs Up at Night?

COVID, supply chains, inflation, and new brands join ROI as top concerns, Brand Keys finds.

What’s in Store for CRM in 2022?

CRM industry insiders share their thoughts about what lies ahead in the new year.