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Retail customer relationship management (CRM) goes beyond maintaining contact data and transaction histories. A full-featured CRM for retailers can integrate point-of-sale (POS) system data to sketch a detailed picture of customers, sales goals, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for everyone in retail sales.


CX Quality Falls for Second Straight Year

While four in five business leaders say improving CX is a high priority, only 6 percent have seen an increase, Forrester finds.

Social Content Creators Gain Influence

With sharp increases in numbers in just the past two years, social media content creators are in huge demand, Forrester says.

For Today's Customers, Less Is More

Consumers feel overwhelmed by too many choices, Forrester finds.

Forrester’s Brand Energy Leaders

The research firm identifies the companies with the most energized customer relationships and passionate advocates.

Online Shoppers Like ChatGPT

A Capterra study finds that more than half of consumers have had negative experiences with traditional retail chatbots.

Required Reading: Strategies for Navigating the ‘Metail Economy’

Companies need to transform their businesses to thrive in the me-centric revolution.

Marketing Budgets Beginning to Recover

Gartner sees marketing budgets rise as a percentage of revenue.

E-Commerce’s Better-than-Expected Boom

Forrester clocks returns far higher than projected.

Retailer CX Fails to Impress

The customer experience dip follows two years of gains, Forrester says. Plus: Five recommendations for how to fix it.

What’s in Store for CRM in 2022?

CRM industry insiders share their thoughts about what lies ahead in the new year.

Tips for Building a Continuous Loyalty Program

Rewards have to offer a differentiated customer experience, Forrester Research urges.

‘Reimagined’ Consumers Have New Priorities

Accenture finds that post-COVID consumers value different things.

4 Trends in Digital CX Point to Some Progress

Beefed-up design teams and better digital accessibility are critical, Forrester says.

Chat Adds to Retail Success

Consumers patronize companies that offer chat on their websites.

Marketers Need to Consider Post-Pandemic Behaviors

Some consumers will be ready for face-to-face contact, but other consumer behaviors that developed during the pandemic will endure.

Digital CX Tops Retail Priorities for 2021

RCP survey highlights the importance of holistic customer experience improvement

Trust Is Key to Creating a Customer Bond

Deloitte highlights the need for companies to connect with consumers on a human level

Pandemic Heightens the Need for Analytics

Companies want to know how COVID-19 changes consumer behavior

Consumers Fear Facial Recognition

A GetApp survey finds consumers wary of firms capturing such personal data

Shoppers Place Growing Emphasis on Convenience

97 percent of consumers have backed out of inconvenient purchases, NRF reports