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Retail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goes beyond maintaining contact data and transaction histories. A full-featured CRM for retailers can integrate point of sale (POS) system data to sketch a detailed picture of customers, sales goals, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for everyone in retail sales.


First-Time Purchases Can Predict Loyalty

MIT research identifies harbinger products that don't lead to future business

Consumer Expectations for Brand Trust Jump 250%

Consumers are far less trusting today amid some high-profile data breaches

The Post-Purchase Experience Is Essential to Retaining Customers

A recent report from BRP lays out eight best practices for retailers to improve the post-purchase experience

Unified Commerce Is Essential to Meeting Customer Expectations

BRP identifies five areas that retailers need to work on to develop a unified experience

Required Reading: Companies Can Innovate and Cut Costs with Costovation

R&D doesn't have to suffer just because money's tight

Required Reading: Understanding How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t

In a world of nearly infinite choices, companies need to shift their focus from how they sell to how customers buy

Retailers Must Become More Customer-Centric

Boston Retail Partners challenges companies to meet the expectations of the omnichannel world

Required Reading: Avoid Dealing with Difficult Customers

Some customers are just worth letting go, regardless of their monetary value.

The 5 Ways Mobile Will Impact Retail

Mobile technologies will take employees out of back rooms and put them on the floor

Required Reading: Using Content to Reduce Friction

The middle of the funnel brings with it new opportunities

Will Apple's Smart Watch Boost Business?

The wearable device can track users' movements, prompting interest from marketers.

Snapchat Is All Grown Up and Ready for Marketers

The app delivers unique ad experiences through Brand Story and Discover platforms.

Firms Should Embrace Instagram

The image- and video-sharing site now surpasses Twitter in users.

Mobile Payment Evolution Is Underway

Mobile spending projected to reach $1.42 billion by 2019.

NRF's Big Show: Retailers Solidify Multichannel Strategies to Drive Customer Engagement

Digital technologies in stores are vital, but how they're being used is also important.

The Keys to Countering Cart Abandonment

Online retailers need to respond at the right time and with the right message.

Westerners Look to Alibaba to Ride China's E-Commerce Wave

American companies turn to the dominant online marketplace to reduce risks and sample the Chinese market.

SIO Emerges as a New Contact Center Segment

Frost & Sullivan identifies support interaction optimization as a $1.3 billion global market category.

Apple Launches Apple Pay

Many retailers aren't buying into the newest mobile wallet solution.

Kip Tindell's Uncontainable Secrets for Building a Business

Why Foundation Principles, not rules and policies, are the way to go.