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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration increases your CRM's value to your sales force by bringing in additional valuable customer lead data directly through various contact points like a company website or social media presence.

A Look Ahead at CRM in 2024

Industry players share their thoughts about what lies ahead for sales, marketing, and customer service.

In 2024, Don’t Let Modest Budgets Create Complacency

Forrester urges CRM practitioners to focus investments on innovation and skills.

CX for 2024 Offers Opportunities, Challenges

Forrester says that companies need to judiciously invest in and use generative AI and similar tech.

Marketing Needs to Work with Security

The lack of collaboration can expose companies to real problems, Forrester notes.

Generative AI Offers Significant Customer Success Benefits

Automated content creation can fuel growth without adding head count, Forrester finds.

Required Reading: Ad Agencies Need a Radical Makeover

Fees should be based on quality and quantity rather than hours.

Sales Challenges Remain Consistent

There's been little change in sales priorities and problems over the past four years, RAIN Group finds.

B2B Marketers Are Embracing AI

But confidence is still lacking in the results generated, Forrester finds.

Sales Leaders Need to Position Technology as a Teammate Rather Than a Tool

AI is augmenting sellers' abilities and productivity, Gartner finds.

Gartner’s Top Sales Technologies

Gartner identified the innovations sales leaders can adopt to boost buyer engagement.

Generative AI to Usher in a Bold New Future for Business

AI will bring together physical and digital worlds for companies, Accenture notes.

Branding, Like Making Brandy, Is an Art and Science

Assemblage blends elements and contexts to create meaning.

Alignment Is Critical to Improving CX

Growth and value also increase when functions are aligned, Forrester says.

For New Technology Adoption, Get Rid of the Old

Reps won't use new technologies as long as the old technology is still in place, Gartner finds.

A Look Ahead at CRM in 2023

CRM industry experts share their thoughts about what lies ahead in the new year.

The 5 Elements of a Customer-Centricity Model

Innovation, consistency, intimacy, empowerment, and purpose are key, PwC urges.

2022 Marks the Advent of the Metaverse Continuum

Accenture highlights the fledgling metaverse in its ‘Technology Vision 2022' report.

CX Investments Pay Off

Companies that provide good customer experiences perform much better, an ROI study shows.

Client Relationships Are Multifaceted

Companies need to address both the basic problems and the underlying ones.

CIO-CMO Collaboration Drives Better CX and Growth

Companies need to further close the gap between marketing and IT, Forrester says.