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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data analytics, or customer analytics, is a critical element of CRM. Learn to quickly identify and solve customer-facing business problems by collecting, organizing, and analyzing customer data captured throughout an organization. Explore our latest customer analytics news, analysis, and advice.

Companies Need to Do More CX and VoC Measurement

Forrester sees few companies maximizing their customer feedback programs.

B2B Marketing Should Focus on Revenue Life Cycles

Marketing strategies need to cover the entire series of customer activities, Forrester urges.

IDC Advances the Adaptive Customer Engagement Model

The analyst firm has created a replacement for the marketing-sales funnel.

A Look Ahead at CRM in 2023

CRM industry experts share their thoughts about what lies ahead in the new year.

Real-Time Feedback Is Still a Major Problem for Most Companies

Only 37 percent of companies can collect and act on real-time input.

The 5 Elements of a Customer-Centricity Model

Innovation, consistency, intimacy, empowerment, and purpose are key, PwC urges.

Required Reading: Rethinking the ABCs of Selling

Companies need to move away from the old "Always Be Closing" mind-set.

5 CX Budget Recommendations for the Coming Year

Some projects can still get funded, even when money is tight, says Forrester Research.

Marketing Analytics Only Influences 53 Percent of Decisions

Data management challenges and cognitive biases limit marketing analytics' influence, Gartner finds.

Content Is Key to Conversational AI Success

As marketing and sales adopt AI, the focus should be on building the right messaging.

B2B Buyers Need to See the Value Today

Sellers need to know what's valuable to each individual buyer, Forrester finds.

Different B2B Buyers Show Different Signals

Being able to recognize buyer intent signals is key to success, Forrester finds.

CMOs Should Work Closely with Procurement

CMO Council research finds opportunity for marketing to optimize sourcing through procurement.

Required Reading: Strategies for Navigating the ‘Metail Economy’

Companies need to transform their businesses to thrive in the me-centric revolution.

Marketing Budgets Beginning to Recover

Gartner sees marketing budgets rise as a percentage of revenue.

Forrester’s 5 Steps to Optimize B2B Ad Budgets

Greater attention needs to be paid to proper audience targeting, says a new report.

Apple’s Ad Performance Tracking Additions Fall Flat

Ad industry insiders see the moves as providing little value to most.

E-Commerce’s Better-than-Expected Boom

Forrester clocks returns far higher than projected.

Voice Assistants Still Underutilized for Business

Despite widespread availability, companies and customers aren't interacting with them.

Forrester Answers the 10 Questions for Closing the Customer Loop

Following up with consumers who offer feedback doesn't have to be difficult.