Required Reading: Strategies for Navigating the ‘Metail Economy’

Companies need to transform their businesses to thrive in the me-centric revolution.

Customers Increasingly Research Companies on Third-Party Sites

Customer service leaders should evaluate outside sources of information, Gartner urges.

CX Programs Must Look Beyond the Initial Sale

Gartner finds that focusing only on the path to purchase cannot drive CX outcomes,

Forrester Answers the 10 Questions for Closing the Customer Loop

Following up with consumers who offer feedback doesn't have to be difficult.

Voice Assistants Still Underutilized for Business

Despite widespread availability, companies and customers aren't interacting with them.

The New Marketing Is a Cognitive Process

Savvy marketers are turning to brain science to learn how to appeal to customers on a new level.

Chat Ready for Takeoff; Some Companies Aren’t

Many consumers are already comfortable with the technology, Forrester finds.

2022 Marks the Advent of the Metaverse Continuum

Accenture highlights the fledgling metaverse in its ‘Technology Vision 2022' report.

Consumers Do Contact Customer Service After Proactive Outreach

Flaws in proactive customer service can cause more harm than good, Gartner finds.

Satisfaction Does Not Guarantee Loyalty

Impressions go a lot further in ensuring repeat business.

B2B Sellers Should Focus on Situational Buyer Insights

Sales leaders can leverage situational awareness to lead with empathy.

Leaders See Customer Service as a Value Center

Companies that view customer service not as a cost center see 3.5 times higher growth.

CX Investments Pay Off

Companies that provide good customer experiences perform much better, an ROI study shows.

Engagement, Innovation Are Keys for B2B Marketers

Social distancing proved the need for new approaches to marketing, Forrester finds

What Keeps CMOs Up at Night?

COVID, supply chains, inflation, and new brands join ROI as top concerns, Brand Keys finds.

Required Reading: Putting Empathy in Action

Genesys CEO advances the Experience Index as an NPS replacement.

Customer Service Leaders Need to Invest in AI

Three areas in particular stand to benefit.

Google Shifts to Topic Modeling

Ads will be based on customers' browsing histories.

Proposed Legislation Targets Data-Driven Advertising

The bill would limit the so-called ‘surveillance advertising' model.

Gartner Urges Supplementing Surveys with Analytics

The primary goal should be to make customer data actionable.