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Understanding fan behavior and experiences are key to leveraging a diverse fan base to create a global brand for teams and entertainers. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution built around those areas can help. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for everyone sports and entertainment management.

4 Tips to Reignite the Spark With Customers During Uncertain Times

It's easy for longtime customer relationships to become stagnant. Just like personal connections, these relationships require focused nurturing to thrive.

What You Need to Know to Win Back Lapsed Customers

They are your lowest-hanging fruit and the segment of guests most likely to help drive incremental revenue. But how do you identify when a customer has actually lapsed?

The Downside of Automated Responses

Responsibility and strategy are key to using this growing technology.

Get Your Sales Team Off the Bench and on to Your Starting Lineup

Salespeople who are scared to fail are also afraid to succeed.

Avoiding Social Media Blunders

Lessons learned from Super Bowl marketers.

Making the Most of Social Media Data

Tap into this one-stop business intelligence source for your smartest budget ever.

What Marketers Can Learn from the NFL

Not just a sport, football is a brand that's doing business right.

Real-Time Marketing for a Real-Time World

Boost loyalty and profitability with event-based marketing.

Use a Voice of the Customer Program to Prevent Service Meltdowns

Learn from Netflix's mistakes

Pay to Be Loyal

Implement programs that effectively build relationships with your best customers

Your Call Is Very Important to Us

What Watson means for the future of customer service

Digital Marketing Means Multiple Channels

Universal profile management directs all relevant communications through the channels that customers prefer.

Sharing Is Caring

Integrate systems and share data to deliver a better, more-holistic customer experience.

Calling for Customer Experience Insight

Social media may be hot, but don't leave contact centers out in the cold.

I Want You to Know Me

Customers want — and expect — personalization.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Enhance your brand with digital video.

The Dangers of Bad Data

With incomplete information, some hazards can be deadly.

The Overstuffed Inbox

A decline in email responsiveness creates enormous opportunity.

The Network Effect of Word of Mouth

Mobilize customer sales forces with social media marketing: "You need to take your message to the people."

Multichannel and Cross-channel Marketing Are Not Interchangeable

Getting it right is a matter of methodology, not terminology.