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The travel and hospitality business is driven by successful customer interactions. Companies that rely on their client's satisfaction need best feedback tools available. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for the hotel and travel industry provide those tools. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for the travel and tourism industry.

Customer Data 101 for Travel Organizations

Understanding customer data is a travel company's most powerful tool, but too many are not using available data to their maximum advantage.

What You Need to Know to Win Back Lapsed Customers

They are your lowest-hanging fruit and the segment of guests most likely to help drive incremental revenue. But how do you identify when a customer has actually lapsed?

To Get the Most Out of Your Loyalty Program, Target Low-Frequency Customers

Your frequent guests will always join. But to really see your loyalty program pay dividends, make it irresistible to the guests who visit the least.

Play by the Rules with Customer Experience Management

Timing and relevancy are key to sales conversions.

Making the Most of Social Media Data

Tap into this one-stop business intelligence source for your smartest budget ever.

Use Social CRM to Boost Inbound Marketing

Use your social CRM program to its full potential or get left behind.

Your Users Are Hungry for Big Language

Give your content global relevancy with machine translation.

Ever Talk to a Robot?

Virtual agents are the newest channel for customer service.

Digital Marketing Means Multiple Channels

Universal profile management directs all relevant communications through the channels that customers prefer.

Calling for Customer Experience Insight

Social media may be hot, but don't leave contact centers out in the cold.

The Warm-and-Fuzzy Score

Surveys and quality assurance are important, but how do your customers feel about their experience?

Why Do You Ask?

Be prepared to act on customer feedback.

The Cornerstone of CRM Deployment

Usability can be the lynchpin between failure and success.

The Overstuffed Inbox

A decline in email responsiveness creates enormous opportunity.

The Art of the ‘Human’ Business

How social marketing can spotlight your organization's inner person.

Give 'Em Something to Talk About

Ten ways to make sure employees are spreading the right message through social media.

Give It to Me Now!

In the Age of the Customer, customers demand attention.

Effective Chat

Five questions to get to real ROI.

Mind the Channel

Set your brand apart by using channels appropriately.

End Shopping-Cart Abandonment

Optimize e-commerce with purchase incentives.